Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The desire to create a little paradise

Hello everybody,

I had a little dream and now I have a little plan. I want to create a perfect little home away from my home in South-East Asia: a little home with a perfect little garden. I want to do that in a perfect area where I can feel perfectly happy.

That is what I was thinking in March 2011, only a few month ago. I started searching for a location and came across a gated community in the woodlands in the centre of the Netherlands in a rather posh neighbourhood. In April 2011 I decided to rent a plot of land of about 200 sq.m. 600 sq.f.in that that gated area. On the plot of land I had installed a 15 year old bungalow that has actually a chassis with wheels in the basement, so it's not considered real estate but a mobile home and thus free from all kinds of RE taxes. It has a living room, kitchen, dining area, large bedroom and bathroom.

If you're interested in my dream project's progress, you can join me on my journey to create my new little paradise which I have named Kikiyaya, after an imaginary but perfect pacific island.

Kikiyaya Bungalow & Garden (April 2011)


  1. Pantau,

    While it is nice to see pictures of your ideal, perhaps you should show more images of your place as it is now so we can see more of your progress as you go along.